Skinny'z Deluxe Kit
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Skinny'z Deluxe Kit

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The Skinny'z Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to light up the middle and rear of your ride. It is is our middle of the road kit and is a great kit to get you lit up. All of our kits are modular so expansion is a snap. This kit includes everything included in the Basic engine compartment kit plus two 19" Skinny'z for your rear wheel area OR ground effects. It also includes our Skinny'z Multifunction Controller which gives you 5 speeds of breathing, 5 speeds of strobing, and allows for brightness control.

The Skinny'z Deluxe Kit includes

  • 4 - 19" Skinny'z Strips
  • 2 - 12" Skinny'z Strips
  • 1 - Skinny'z G2 Multifunction Controller with Remote
  • 1 - Skinny'z 3 Y Connector
  • 1- Inline Fuse Holder with 5 Amp Fuse and Connectors

A total of 156 Super Bright LED's!

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