Indian Turn Signals (2014&up models except Scout)
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These Indian motorcycle LED turn signals are designed to replace the existing stock lights for the Indians that have the pop-in style stock lights. Each light features a turn signal round cluster with 48 LEDs and comes with a lens and a polished chrome finished hood or Matte Black. The lights are tapped into your existing wiring with the included posi-taps for easy installation. LEDs are available in either red or amber; lenses in either smoke or clear.

Indian Motorcycle LED Turn Signals Feature:

  • Sold in Pairs
  • 48 LEDs in each cluster
  • Two LED light color options available, red or amber
  • Choose smoked, clear, red or amber
  • Polished chrome hood or Black hood
  • Includes posi-tap connectors for easy installation

Note: This Indian motorcycle LED turn signal light only works on the Indians with pop-in stock lights. It does not fit the Scout model.
When the motorcycle is turned off the lights may have a faint glow for about a minute and shut off

  • Item #: IND9500

Indian Turn Signals (2014&up models except Scout)

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