Haloz Front Turn Signals
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Haloz Front Turn Signals

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  • Item #: 9500-58
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The lights have 24 white LED daytime running lights in the front and when the turn signal is activated it switches to the 24 amber LEDs. Use your own stock housing. Lens not included. Sold in pairs.

Bullet Style (9500-58) Turn signal housing has snap in lenses.

Flat Style (9510-58) Turn signal housing has a lense with 2 screws to hold it in place.

*Since LEDs do not draw as much power as a regular bulb, a load equalizer may be required when using LEDs.
* Load equalizers not needed on 2014 & newer models, 2011 & up Softails, 2012 & up Dynas.

**Clear or Smoked Lens recommended with this product. 

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