Chameleon Bluetooth Module
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Chameleon Bluetooth Module

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Check out our new Chameleon Bluetooth Module!! Have the abililty to control your lights with your Smart Phone instead of keeping track of a remote! You can easily swap out your G2 Module with the Bluetooth Module, your existing chameleon lights will plug right in!! Features Zones and Smart Brake Function!

- Get unlimited colors to choose from.

- Flashing and breathing functions on any color.

-Adjust the speeds of the flashing and breathing.

-Brightness control on any color. 

-Create your own custom sequences.

-Switch, Flash, or Breathe through your color sequences.

- Save your own color sequence files.

- Ability to control 2 different zones.

- Option to hook up the Smart Brake Function, when you hit your brakes on your bike all of the lights turn red no matter what setting you are on. 

-When the app has a new update, you can get new feautures with no cost to you and no replacing a module!

-Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0

-Compatible with Iphone 4S and above. 

-Compatible with Android 4.3 and above.


**Comes with a splitter, toggle switch, and posi-tap for hooking up the Smart Brake Function.


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