Brake Function Chameleon G2 Controller w/ Remote
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The Chameleon G2 Controller with Remote allows you to change the color of your Chameleons at the touch of a button. The G2 Controller with Remote gives you 13 different colors, strobing functions, breathing functions, and 6 different speeds of color rotation.   Designed to be durable and have short circuit protection the Chameleon G2 will provide you with a reliable lighting solution for years to come.  For increased versatility we have designed the G2 to operate on 12-24 Volts and have up to 6 amps of output power. This newly upgraded module now has an extra wire to hook up the Smart Brake Function. When this wire is hooked up to your brake wire on the bike, all of your lights will turn red when you hit the brakes no matter what setting you have it on. Posi-tap included for an easy, no cutting installation!


*Some bikes may not be able to have the smart brake function.

  • Item #: RGBG2BFR

Brake Function Chameleon G2 Controller w/ Remote

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